Several precious stones hand made into beautiful animals. Amethyst, Assorted Calcite, White Pyrite, Turquoise, Red Coral, Lapiz Lazuli, Opalite, Amber and Ammolite.





Pyrite has the property to attract money and success in business. At the energy level, it protects from the negative energies of the environment. Pyrite is recognized as ” the great stone of fire” due to its derivation from the Greek term Pyr which means fire in allusion to its capacity to give off sparks when struck.
Calcite is a mineral of the carbonate group. Sometimes it is used as a synonym for limestone. but this is a rock rather than a mineral. It is used to clean energies in homes, offices, shops etc.
Fluorite the name comes from the Latin word “Fluere” “to flow”. Some are colorless or of varied colors, a vitreous shine or white stripe. Fluorite is advisable for people who suffer from stress.
Sodalite is an ancient Greece name for its high consistency of salt. It is used for the understanding of the problems of others and it is useful in conflicts with the ego.
Quartz The rock crystal has an amplification action on other stones. It has purifying qualities on the body and spirit.
Rose Quartz  Adds an amplification tube on all the other stones. It has purifying qualities on the body and spirit. The color is for the manganese and titanium and is considered the sone of fertility and love magic. The heart stone reinforces the capacity for identification of the romantic side and the power of the heart.
Tiger Eye Quartz with inclusions of crocidolite arranged in concentric stips. It is highly valued to channel two essential energies in relation to its colors: the brown, typical of the Earth, and the golden yellow of the Sun. Its name comes from the Latin “Oculus tigris” because of the resemblance to the eye of this animal.
Amethyst  It is one of the best stones that exist for meditation because it reflects the purple ray of transmutation. It is the best-known quartz variety.
Venturina reinforces the qualities of leadership and decision, promotes compassion and empathy and perseverance. Protects from electromagnetic haze with cellular effects.
Chrysocolla is considered the stone of love. It has a reputation for driving away irrational fears and calming emotions.
Abalone shell  This is the shell of a mollusk called Haliotis. It presents the changing but the constant beauty of life. The abalone shell is used for emotional problems, promotes calm and comfort in emotional situations. It stimulates intuition and imagination.
Quarry  It’s components are Silica, iron oxide, carbonates and quarts is highly decorative for its tones.
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